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February 2018

Window Replacement: Increase Wealth, Health and Happiness
An Unexpected Home Feature: Walk-in Closet Location

January 2018

The Home Depot Bathroom is Better than Any Showroom Floor!
The Best 20 Ton Jack: The Cheap One You Own
Do You Need to Remove Tile After Flood Water Invades?
Build a Granite Shower Curb with a Prefab Granite Backsplash
No One Else Will Care About Your Home as Much as You

December 2017

Buying Versus Renting Tools: When to Rack Up Rental Fees
Using Zillow for Current Housing Market Research
Building an Attic Walkway of Your Dreams
Bringing Up Neighborhood Morale

November 2017

A Tale of Two Roofs
Don’t Quit Your Day Job
Blog Ammo Reload Week – Everyone Has A Job To Do
Tips on Listing an Apartment, Condo, or House for Rent
Stop Watching House Hunters on HGTV

October 2017

We are Actively Looking for a Home in Dickinson, TX
The Housing Market After a Hurricane: Month 2
!@#$%^&*…How Do I Fix This Problem?
Find Any Item in Home Depot Without Help
Hurricane Ike and a Bathroom Subfloor Repair

September 2017

How to Use Home Insurance Claim Money: A New Mindset
Rebuild After Hurricane Harvey: Reviving a Beloved Home
How to Spot Shitty Hurricane Harvey “General Contractors”
How to Replace Electrical Wiring
Why Replace Home Electrical Wiring, the Panel…Everything!

August 2017

How to Build a Tile Countertop 1200 Miles Away
The Ultimate Guide on How to Build a Tile Countertop
Is it a Vacation without a Trip to Menards?
How to Determine Countertop Overhang
To Grout or Not to Grout: An Argument for a Granite Tile Countertop

July 2017

Paint a Room? I Would Rather Replace a Toilet
Learn a New Skill: Read a Book (It’s Not Heart Surgery)
Earplugs: Which are Best for Hammering…and Sleeping
Learn a New Skill: Find a Mentor in the Business
Spot On! Meet the New Just Needs Paint
Just Needs Paint House: Update #1
What is Wrong with this Bathroom?
Learn a New Skill: Help a Friend

June 2017

The Importance of Reading the Owner’s Manual
Sanity Saving DIY Bullnose Tile Trim Tips
Start Now! Begin House Projects When You Move In
How to Bullnose Tile: Two Options
Just Needs Paint: the Story Behind the Name
Some Behind the Scenes Housekeeping
Motivation for Learning to Bullnose Tile
Demo Day and Subfloor Problems
How an Engineer Decides on a Wet Tile Saw: A DeWALT D24000 Review

May 2017

What is Wrong with this Kitchen?
Planning to Remodel a House Two States Away
How this House Stuff Began
Just Getting Started: Where We are Headed