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October 2019

No Renovation Regret! Template to Ensure Enough Shower Storage
REAL 2019 Halloween Inspiration – 13 Scary Home Photos
Is Flat Pebble Mosaic on the Shower Floor a Good Idea? Consider This…
Should You Place a Shower Niche in an Exterior Wall? Maybe if…
How to Fix AND PREVENT Ice Build Up in Your Freezer

September 2019

Announcing the JustNeedsPaint YouTube Channel
The Difference Between a Good vs Bad Tile Job
Lipstick: A Tool to Mark Electrical Box Location on Drywall
Phyn Smart Water Assistant: Detect Condo / Apartment / Rental Water Leaks
How is this Blog Thing Going? Stats, SEO and Monetizing
How to Install a Hose Bibb with a PEX Maintenance Loop

August 2019

Laminate Flooring Calculator – Box Count & Cost
Detect and Prevent Burst Frozen Pipes This Winter
How to Design a PEX Water Manifold

Prevent Water Damage 24/7: a Flo by Moen Review

July 2019

Installing Schluter KERDI Like a Boss
The True Cost of Small Drywall Repair for Bee Removal
How to Tape Drywall Inside Corners: Levels 0-3 Beginner Tips
How to Make an Invisible Drywall Patch

June 2019

Remediation Company Bee Removal…It’s Clean!
Not Your Average Beginner Drywall Taping Tips
A High Flow Air Return Extends the Life of Your Air Conditioner
Tips on Setting Up the Ultimate Wyze Cam Security System

May 2019

Extend the Life of Your Water Heater: Anode Replacement
Make Sure You Buy or Design a House for Real People
Lessons Learned on Using Wyze Cams for Home Surveillance
Make Your Home Smart for Under $1000
Lessons Learned from a Replacement Roof Install

April 2019

When a Window Faces a Wall…Paint It!
12 Ways to Detect a Supply Plumbing Leak Under a Slab Foundation
This $hit is About to Get Real
Slab Plumbing Leak? PEX to the Rescue!

March 2019

Protect Your Home From Plumbing Leaks: Flo and Phyn
Why Choose an Uponor Manifold System
Advantages of a Plumbing Manifold System
Sanity Saving PEX Manifold Installation Tips

February 2019

Day 3 of IBS 2019: More Product Previews
Just Needs Paint at IBS 2019
How to Build a Whole House Uponor PEX-a Manifold
Reasons to Choose Uponor PEX-a

January 2019

Build a Better Bathroom with Schluter KERDI-BOARD
A Mustachian Wedding: Trading Manual Labor for Vows
Track Home Improvement Expenses with Mint
Fund Your Home Remodel with a Savings Account
2019 DIY New Year’s Resolutions

December 2018

A Ridiculously Dramatic Master Closet Remodel
How to Decide Between a Diamond or Square Tile Layout
Tips for a Better Cement Backer Board Layout
Ways to Try Out House Designs and Layouts

November 2018

How to Install a Tile Window Ledge Treatment
Consider Installing a Tile Window Sill Treatment
A Free DIY More-Than-Just-Paint Visualizer
Make a Statement with the Right Tile Pattern

October 2018

A Multi Zone Wi-Fi Hose Faucet Timer–No Digging Needed!
Durability Experiments for Different Sill Sealers
The Luxury of Patience During a Remodel
How Many Coats of Primer? Answered.

September 2018

How Much Extra Tile Do You Need? Baseboard? Insulation?
Choose Between Mitered and Coped Baseboard Inside Corners
How to Cope Baseboard Inside Corners

August 2018

Where do You Park Your Bicycle at Home?
Bicycle Storage Solutions–Get Your Space Back!
Is There a Car in Your Garage? Garage Storage Ideas
A Master Planned On Street Parking Problem
How to Install Click Laminate Flooring without Removing Baseboards

July 2018

FLIR C2 Review: Superman Vision with a Thermal Camera
What You Need to Know BEFORE You Replace Your Roof
What is Rectified Tile and Why You Want It (or Not)

June 2018

Need A Home Workout Plan? Try DIY Home Renovations!
Beer Saved This Bathtub Tile Surround Install
Before and After: A One Bath Home Bathroom Remodel
Tips for Rebuilding After a Flood: Ready for the Next One

May 2018

An Airtight Home: How to Choose and Install Sill Sealer Gasket
How to DIY a Natural Stone Interior Door Threshold
Wield the Best Shower Squeegee in Your Immaculate Bathroom
Before and After: Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger
99% Done is not a Finished Project

April 2018

That Mold Smell is Just a Symptom
Uses for a Thermal Image Camera
Are You Looking at a Flooded Fireplace? How to Investigate!
Spot Warning Signs of a Shoddy Flood Remodel

March 2018

Expand Your Home with a White Noise Machine
Master the Art of Quickly Searching Craigslist
Childproof Kitchen Appliances? Try Before You Buy
Must-Have Home Features: Dealbreaker or Compromise?

February 2018

Should You Buy a Home Right Now? An All-Inclusive Checklist
Must-Have Home Feature: Short Commute Distance
Window Replacement: Increase Wealth, Health and Happiness
An Unexpected Home Feature: Walk-in Closet Location

January 2018

The Home Depot Bathroom is Better than Any Showroom Floor!
The Best 20 Ton Jack: The Cheap One You Own
Do You Need to Remove Tile After Flood Water Invades?
Build a Granite Shower Curb with a Prefab Granite Backsplash
No One Else Will Care About Your Home as Much as You

December 2017

Buying Versus Renting Tools: When to Rack Up Rental Fees
Using Zillow for Current Housing Market Research
Building an Attic Walkway of Your Dreams
Bringing Up Neighborhood Morale

November 2017

A Tale of Two Roofs
Don’t Quit Your Day Job
Blog Ammo Reload Week – Everyone Has A Job To Do
Tips on Listing an Apartment, Condo, or House for Rent
Stop Watching House Hunters on HGTV

October 2017

We are Actively Looking for a Home in Dickinson, TX
The Housing Market After a Hurricane: Month 2
!@#$%^&*…How Do I Fix This Problem?
Find Any Item in Home Depot Without Help
Hurricane Ike and a Bathroom Subfloor Repair

September 2017

How to Use Home Insurance Claim Money: A New Mindset
Rebuild After Hurricane Harvey: Reviving a Beloved Home
How to Spot Shitty Hurricane Harvey “General Contractors”
How to Replace Electrical Wiring
Why Replace Home Electrical Wiring, the Panel…Everything!

August 2017

How to Build a Tile Countertop 1200 Miles Away
The Ultimate Guide on How to Build a Tile Countertop
Is it a Vacation without a Trip to Menards?
How to Determine Countertop Overhang
To Grout or Not to Grout: An Argument for a Granite Tile Countertop

July 2017

Paint a Room? I Would Rather Replace a Toilet
Learn a New Skill: Read a Book (It’s Not Heart Surgery)
Earplugs: Which are Best for Hammering…and Sleeping
Learn a New Skill: Find a Mentor in the Business
Spot On! Meet the New Just Needs Paint
Just Needs Paint House: Update #1
What is Wrong with this Bathroom?
Learn a New Skill: Help a Friend

June 2017

The Importance of Reading the Owner’s Manual
Sanity Saving DIY Bullnose Tile Trim Tips
Start Now! Begin House Projects When You Move In
How to Bullnose Tile: Two Options
Just Needs Paint: the Story Behind the Name
Some Behind the Scenes Housekeeping
Motivation for Learning to Bullnose Tile
Demo Day and Subfloor Problems
How an Engineer Decides on a Wet Tile Saw: A DeWALT D24000 Review

May 2017

What is Wrong with this Kitchen?
Planning to Remodel a House Two States Away
How this House Stuff Began
Just Getting Started: Where We are Headed