Stop Watching House Hunters on HGTV

I’m more than happy to go house hunting with you. Proof: I’ve been looking online at apartments for a friend in Long Beach, CA. Call me crazy, but I’m even seriously considering a seven hour each way solo drive with my two year old daughter to go apartment hunting in person this month. Pounding the pavement to find her the perfect digs on this next adventure of her life sounds like a ton of fun! The drive might be suicide, but the hunt will be fun.

I am certainly not alone. Otherwise, there would not be an endless loop of House Hunters on HGTV.

The premise of the show is to follow a buyer or buyers as they are house hunting. They look at three properties with their agent and then decide on buying one of the three. The interactive part is trying to guess which house they choose.

Stop watching House Hunters! This is what happens when you get sucked into a endless loop of House Hunters...or football...or <insert your time wasting vice here>...


However, there is a difference between actively tagging along with a real life friend for moral support and apathetically sitting on your couch eating bon-bons:

Reason #1: Your friendships will improve.
Reason #2: You can eat that delicious grease dripping hamburger at Ruby’s Diner after a long day of hunting with little to no guilt–you just walked for MILES looking for rent/sale signs on the streets your friend wants her new life to begin. On top of the miles during the day you just walked over another half mile round trip along the pier to get to the restaurant.

To be fair, I’m not just railing against House Hunters. It could be one game of football stretching–unplanned–into an entire day. It could be the “food porn” network which makes you crave a hamburger so bad you have to go out to your favorite restaurant later in the day.

It’s more of a matter of how easy it is to sit back and watch someone else do something rather than doing something yourself. It’s like taking a picture of someone else taking a picture. Why?

Exception #1: You do not have to stop watching House Hunters if it is an easy distraction WHILE you are folding laundry or doing something productive.

However, the second problem is you are not learning anything either.

Exception #2: It only takes one episode to teach you about the home buying experience. One. Not twenty.
Exception #3: You discover the different types of individuals who walk through your house when you sell it: buyers with imagination and without imagination. Bummer, I just spoiled it…so NOW there is nothing new to learn. 😉

Once, I caught myself when I resorted to House Hunters on a slow night when there was nothing else on. I got mad at myself after the fact. There are so many projects I could work on in my own house! Why am I wasting the time watching someone else looking at something when I should get off my rear end and start moving now?!?!

Stop watching House Hunters and let’s get moving…

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2 Responses

  1. Thomas A Richey says:

    Hmph. Good idea. Sky’s cleared of morning fog (yeah, I KNOW it’s afternoon now) and the road’s all dried up. Heading out on my bike.