We are Actively Looking for a Home in Dickinson, TX

Yes, we are actually actively looking for a home in Dickinson, TX.

Did you read the laundry list of what needs to happen to every last flooded house in the last post? All the work, all the cleaning and drying, and every last room needs almost everything? Or perhaps I have not actually learned my lesson about a remote job site.

All protests aside we are still interested.


My husband is now officially certified as a Water Damage Restoration Technician/Applied Structural Drying (WRT/ASD) by the IICRC (congrats again, Babe!). Right now he is lining up work to remediate family and family friend’s homes. Afterwards, he plans on helping with the rebuilding process.

This is not an overnight job. This is a stick-around-and-personally-invest-in-the-town business. He has already noted most of the contractors mentioned in this post are already gone. Now he is making house calls on homeowners who had shoddy first wave remediation (even from national franchised companies!).

This is a town where my mom’s family was and still are cornerstone members of the community. It is a place that will continue on as Houston is a place of specialized work due to location and local resources. While it is not bicycle friendly as the streets of metro Phoenix or Madison, WI, all places of shopping and worship are within walking distance. I will continue to bike.

Actively looking for a home for the right reasons. A message from my husband buried on the subfloor of the laundry room in my first house remodel.

A message from my husband buried on the subfloor of the laundry room in my first house remodel.

Since this most likely a place of steady employment for at least a couple years we want to help with the rebuilding process in a very real way. Buying one house for ourselves and creating one more SAFE home in a town that needs it.

What makes us different from any other contracting company? We live here. This is a real investment putting money back into the community paying us. This is not a side trip to churn through as many jobs as possible. We do not do shoddy work and leave in the dead of night. We are not leaving once the job is done–there is another family after you looking for an honest contractor.

Personal reasons why we are actively looking for a home

We do not currently live in Texas. The local bedrooms where we would normally stay are all down to studs. On top of that, any remaining facilities are about to get ripped out. Heating and cooling units? Forget about it.

My husband is house trained. He even vacuums and mops! However, couch cruising–while still available from family members who live further out of town have graciously provided–will get old to the gracious host.

For those of you outside the family, I am currently four months along with an expected due date towards the end of March of next year. Every other weekend my husband is home. While he is away I take care of our little one and hold down a full time job. It is a sacrifice we are all making in order to take care of our extended family.

At this time we are all adjusting and really it is not terrible–I love hearing the daily updates of progress–but I say this while I still fit in two weeks worth of regular clothes. I reserve the right to change my mind as the weeks go by and I look like I ate a basketball.

However, there is no way I am going through maternity leave with this arrangement. If I learned anything from my first year with a newborn it is sleep is questionable at any hour of the day. I would prefer to have my own four walls* and try to let someone else sleep in the middle of the night when the baby is screaming.

While we are actively looking for a home, it will only happen after careful consideration. Like I said in the previous post, the numbers have to work since the entire rebuild is out of our own pocket and not insurance money. The startup of a remediation business has a pretty hefty price tag, too.

With a newborn and full-time contracting work on the homes of others it will probably be one of the slowest rebuilds, if not *the* slowest rebuild in Dickinson. But it will be right. And it will be home.


*Note all exterior walls need insulation before my arrival. We would prefer to limit our own noise and hopefully the poor neighbors do not hear. With two little kiddos we will try to make up for it with a cuteness factor during the day. 😉

** Extra bonus: If you are reading this while considering selling your home you know where you can follow along with the progress of your old home as it slowly comes back together.

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