Just Warming Up: Where We are Headed

Contemplating Home Ownership After Biking 250+ Miles Around The Big Island Of Hawaii?

This blog is about home ownership, remodeling, and DIY projects.  We will also cover how these projects impact your bank account.  Of course, no self proclaimed DIY blog should be without articles on how to stay sane amid the chaos with the right attitude.  I promise there will definitely be some math, logical explanations, and other geeky type rants sprinkled throughout.

Where are you on this sliding scale of home ownership?

  • My life is too unpredictable to settle down and/or it does not make financial sense to buy a house at this time.
  • I am not sure if I can handle all the maintenance a house will need.
  • I am thinking about buying a house and I already have a Pinterest page full of projects.
  • I just bought a house, but I am nervous about tackling a certain project.
  • I just bought a house and I have a shiny new sledgehammer!*
  • I have a sledgehammer to make some more changes and I’m flexing my hard earned muscles too!
  • I am in the middle of a project and googling for an answer.
  • I only have one more project.  And then another…
  • I have made every last change I am going to make.
  • I want to sell this perfect house and start on the next fun/bone weary/bumps and bruises/learning process.

The goal of this blog is to help you move towards the bottom of this spectrum.**  While some of you are timid at the thought of picking up the sledgehammer in your own home (or whatever actual tool is needed), the intent of this blog is to get your imagination going and inspiring you to see what you can do on your own!  By learning from my own successes and misadventures, I really and truly hope you can avoid my mistakes and keep your momentum going into the next project.

*Insert your own tool of choice. Mine is a wet tile saw.

** For full disclosure I am certainly not in the last two categories of this list.  I think I am permanently in the “one more project” line. I will let you know if this changes.

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