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I started this blog almost 10 years after I started working on houses.  While I have initially written posts towards the beginning of my story, I will certainly go out of order.  This page is to list the stories in the order they actually happened!  If you meant to look for a post by the date it was posted on this blog you can look at the list here.

November 2017

A Tale of Two Roofs
Blog Ammo Reload Week – Everyone Has A Job To Do
Tips on Listing an Apartment, Condo, or House for Rent

October 2017

We are Actively Looking for a Home in Dickinson, TX
The Housing Market After a Hurricane: Month 2

September 2017

Rebuild After Hurricane Harvey: Reviving a Beloved Home
How to Spot Shitty Hurricane Harvey “General Contractors”
How to Use Home Insurance Claim Money: A New Mindset

August 2017

Is it a Vacation without a Trip to Menards?

July 2017

Spot On! Meet the New Just Needs Paint

June 2017

Some Behind the Scenes Housekeeping
The Importance of Reading the Owner’s Manual

May 2017

Just Getting Started: Where We are Headed

June 2016

Earplugs: Which are Best for Hammering…and Sleeping (the sleeping part)

June 2014

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

July 2013

How to Bullnose Tile: Two Options…Option #2

September 2010

Stop Watching House Hunters on HGTV

July 2009

Find Any Item in Home Depot Without Help

May 2009

Paint a Room? I Would Rather Replace a Toilet

February 2009

Just Needs Paint: the Story Behind the Name

December 2008

!@#$%^&*…How Do I Fix This Problem?

November 2008

Learn a New Skill: Read a Book (It’s Not Heart Surgery)

September 2008

Bringing Up Neighborhood Morale
Hurricane Ike and a Bathroom Subfloor Repair
What is Wrong with this Bathroom?
How to Replace Electrical Wiring
Why Replace Home Electrical Wiring, the Panel…Everything!

August 2008

Demo Day and Subfloor Problems
Start Now! Begin House Projects When You Move In
Sanity Saving DIY Bullnose Tile Trim Tips
How to Bullnose Tile: Two Options…Option #1
Motivation for Learning to Bullnose Tile
How to Determine Countertop Overhang
To Grout or Not to Grout: An Argument for a Granite Tile Countertop
Earplugs: Which are Best for Hammering…and Sleeping (the hammering part)

July 2008

How to Build a Tile Countertop 1200 Miles Away
The Ultimate Guide on How to Build a Tile Countertop
Learn a New Skill: Find a Mentor in the Business
Learn a New Skill: Help a Friend
How an Engineer Decides on a Wet Tile Saw: A DeWALT D24000 Review
What is Wrong with this Kitchen?
Planning to Remodel a House Two States Away


Just Needs Paint House: Update #1


How this House Stuff Began