Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Don't quit your day job...yet. While you are gainfully employed enjoy all the benefits--like sitting down, climate control and eating when you want.How many times has a Monday morning rolled around too early? If only you had a little more time at the end of Sunday night to finish that last bit of tile. The kids next door go to bed at 8:00 PM. So, you needed to call it quits before you become more of a curse with the wet tile saw noise than the local entertainment. You desperately hope you didn’t miss something since the the mortar set up overnight and you can’t fix it.

You walk into the office, drop into your comfy cushioned chair on castors and glide over to your computer.*


You prop your swollen feet up on the stabilizing bar of your desk. You didn’t realize you must have tweaked your shoulder.

Work is like a five day vacation. Sure, you can get a few extra hours on your project after work. However, on a work day you have to sit in a luxurious climate controlled environment going to the bathroom and eating whenever you want for eight whole hours. Compare that to a eighteen hour day laying tile/roofing/plumbing… whatever. You don’t need a piña colada to call your forty hour workweek a vacation.

You wiggle your fingers on the mouse. They certainly are stiff. Dang, that mortar sucks the moisture out of your fingers. You only went through half a dozen pairs of Neoprene gloves to keep this from happening. You’ll need to remember to bring in a new bottle of hand lotion: you are almost out.**

Don’t even look at your nails. Of course, any growth from the previous week had to be trimmed or you run the risk of a bent or broken nail. Not to mention yet another reason to poke a hole in those Neoprene gloves. If you are a lady, you know you are not wearing nail polish… at least not that you would want to admit.

You can check out your account on to see what your running total on the current project is after work. Or maybe you are doing some foundation work and the scope of work unexpectedly doubled. It sure is nice to know the money is still rolling in to pay for the next project too.

Don’t quit your day job–enjoy it for now!


*I am a software engineer. So yes, this is written from the prospective from a field generally known for it’s nerdery, awkwardness, and not so many physical skills.

**My friend had some of Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion when we installed her backsplash together. I’ve tried at least a dozen different hand lotions. This lotion is the best “hands” down–I couldn’t keep myself from saying that. 😉 I thoroughly enjoyed the two pack she gave me after the project was done. If you have a recommendation send me a note or comment below!

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